Sunday, November 13, 2005

Never claimed to be...

I never claimed to be a poet, and this is a shoddy attempt, but the prayer of my heart for the future flock of Grace Church...
(read with much poetic grace)

For years I have plead.
For years I have prayed.
GOD knows all I've said.
Each supplicaiton made!

To see Christ formed,
In you're heart's recesesses,
All His glories adorned,
Is what each prayer possesses!

His bride, my honor!
Our joy, His glory!
Oh to ponder!
Oh what a story!

Grace Church our name.
Christ Jesus our banner!
Promoting His fame,
In a passionate manner!

You will come along,
Albeit, without the notion,
I've been singing your song,
In each day's devotion!

Though we are small,
We are here by His hand!
Oh, Grace, Christ is our All!
You are God's eternal plan!

Rise and praise Him!
Give Him all glory!
Rise and tell them...
God's been writing their story!

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