Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dynamic Church Planters International

I just arrived in sunny San Diego, CA for a week of church planter training with Dynamic Church Planters International (DCPI). You can go online at the link above and learn a little about their ministry. Pray that God will be pleased to draw me to Himself and that I would be teachable these days. I've looked forward to this training for a while because it is totally geared toward the practical side of things. At Bethlehem, we have been exposed to wonderful visions of God, solid bible teaching, and many other spiritually edifying things. Admittedly, BBC doesn't thrive on the "how to" of alot of things. Lord willing, I will be able to take helpful things away from DCPI's practical training, and flesh them out in the culture of God-centeredness in all things! May God be glorified by this training effort. May many Mid-Southerners be reached with the gospel as a result of it! Thanks for your prayers!


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