Friday, December 09, 2005

Solus Christus

‘O would to my Lord that I could cause paper and ink to speak the worth and excellency, the high and loud priases of a Bother-ransomer! The Ransomer needeth not my report; but O, that He would take it and make use of it! I should be happy if I had an errand to this world but for some few years. To spread proclamations, and outcries, and love-letters of the highness, the highness for ever more, the glory, the glory for ever more of the Roansomer whose clothes were wet and dyed in blood!

“if there were ten thousand thousand millions of worlds, and as many heavens, full of men and angels, Christ would not be pinched to supply all our wants, and to fill us all. Christ is a well of life; but who knows how deep it is to the bottom? Put the beauty of 10 thousand thousand worlds of paradises , like the Garden of Eden, in one; put all trees, all flowers, all smells, all colours, all tastes, all joys, all loveliness, all sweetness in one. O what a fair and excellent thing would that be? And yet it would be less to that fair, and dearest well-beloved Christ, than one drop of rain to the whole seas, rivers, lakes, and fountains of ten thousand earths.

Welcome, welcome Jesus, in what way soever you come, if we can but get a sight of you. And sure I am that it is better to be sick, providing that Christ come to the bedside, and draw aside the curtains and say, ‘Take courage, I am your salvation’, than to enjoy health, and never to be visited by God.”

The Life of Samuel Rutherford by Andrew Thomson

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