Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sanctified Speculation?

What if...

...GOD has been placing on the hearts of His saints for decades to pray for a new work in downtown Memphis like the one we are preparing to plant?

...GOD has been preparing the hearts of many to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ from the lips of someone connected to Grace Church, leading to their conversion experience, spiritual development, and involvement in world missions?

...GOD is "stacking the kindling" in the hearts of believers in the Mid-South who's prayers and resources will be used by God, because of the influence of His Spirit through Grace Church, to bring the gospel some of the 693 untargeted people groups in the world who's population is over 100,000 people?

...GOD has been causing the residential resurgence in downtown to serve as a parable to the city of the spiritual resurgence that is on the horizon?

...GOD is moving the hearts of those in dozens of Memphis' churches to yearn for a new day of grace in the city of Memphis, the Mid-South, the nation, the world?

...The desires to see Grace Church become a beacon of the light of the "glory of God in the face of Christ" for the downtown area of Memphis is too small of a vision?

...GOD provided more resources for Grace Church than dreamed, which enabled her to plant more churches, and initiate more catalytic gospel efforts around the globe?

...The greatest prayers that have been prayed for Grace Church were answered "exceedingly abundantly beyond all we ask or think?"

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