Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ephesians 1 (4th meditation) - "Blessings In Christ"

In this series of meditations on Ephesians chapter one, I've already focused on selected phrases in verses one through three. The three previous meditations can be seen here: (#1), (#2), and (#3).

Now, I'd like to worship with you, in this fourth meditation, as we consider the weight of Ephesians 1:3-14 as a whole.

First, we will be helped to realize that verses three through fourteen were originally ONE LONG SENTENCE! The Apostle Paul would have miserably failed HS English class because of his propensity to use run-on sentences (c.f. Eph 3:14-21). However, God defies man-made rules, and shows that explosive-spontaneous-Christ-exalting-worship knows no lexicographical boundaries! Thank God that the writers of Scripture were FIRST worshippers, and a distant second, concerned with grammatical constraints. (It should be noted that the Apostle Paul, though weak in speech (see, II Cor 10:10), was an author par excellence!)

In the upcoming mediations I plan to unpack some of what follows. But for now, drink deep in meditation on the following list of "blessings in Christ" which are all found in verses three through fourteen of Ephesians chapter one:

(Note: Each of these blessings are flowing out of the key promise in verse three that we, "HAVE ALREADY been given every every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places IN CHRIST!")

1. Chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world! (v. 4)
2. Chosen in be holy! (v. 4)
3. Chosen in be blameless before God! (v. 4)
4. Predestined for adoption as God's sons & daughters through Christ! (v. 5)
5. Blessed with all of God's grace in Christ (v. 6)
6. Redemption through Christ's blood! (v. 7)
7. Forgiveness of our trespasses through Christ's blood! (v. 7)
8. The wise and insightful purposes of God's will, which was set forth in Christ (v. 8-9)
9. Cosmic uniting of all things in heaven and on earth in Christ (v. 10)
10. Inheritance in Christ (v. 11)
11. Predestination in Christ according to the purpose of God who works everything after the counsel of His own will! (v. 11)
12. Hope in Christ (v. 12)
13. The praise of the glory of God is our privilege in Christ (v. 12)
14. Upon belief in Christ, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit, Who is the Guarantee of our inheritance in Christ (v. 13)
15. The praise of the glory of God is our Spirit-enabled privilege in Christ (v. 14)

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