Monday, March 20, 2006


I Thank God for the Capitol Hill Baptist Church, in Washington, D.C. This congregation loves Christ and is being led by elders who are "worthy of double honor" (I Timothy 5:17). By God's grace I was able to attend a tri-annual event hosted by CHBC this past weekend called the "Weekender." The forty or so pastors, non-staff elders, church leaders, and seminarians in attendance were privileged to observe a healty church in action, and more, interact in what seemed like uninterupted perpetuation with the leaders of CHBC throughout the weekend. Although this is nearly the twentieth time CHBC has hosted this event, the elders, and other church leaders, gave us virtually all of their attention from the time we arrived (Thursday), until the time we left (Monday). These men served us constantly with their time, teaching, prayers, example, and dialogue. I trust that Christ will be praised and pleased with more "deliberate" biblical fidelity in Memphis among the future congregation of Grace Church due to my opportunity to enjoy this great weekend of worship and training on Capitol Hill. (The title of one of the 9 Marks Ministries books is, "The Deliberate Church").

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