Saturday, April 15, 2006

Are you thinking about theologically straight-laced passionate devotional singing in Christian corporate worship?

Thinking about what you sing, and why you sing it, in corporate worship is important. Below are the links from several well-known Christian leaders who are having an ongoing converstation of sorts concerning a popular song titled, "Draw me close to You."

Each author also defends his perspective of what makes a corporate worship song helpful (or unhelpful).

First, Chuck Colson's article in Christianity Today started the conversation.

Then, Sam Storms "respectfully disagrees" with Chuck Colson's CT article.

Then, Justin Taylor agrees with Sam Storms' "respectful disagreement" to Chuck Colson's CT Article.

Then, Tim Challies "respectfully disagrees" with Justin Taylor's & Sam Storms' "respectful disagreement" to Chuck Colson's article.

Finally, Bob Kauflin responds to all of the responses linked above with his own take on the matter.

What is your perspective?

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Katie said...

I like this post of Christine's on the subject -

It seems to me that there is need for both the intimate and deeply personal nature of some contemporary music and the rich, deep, glorious orthodoxy of the old time hymns. Your view of this is affected by your understanding of what coorporate worship is.
We as Americans tend to make worship individualistic even when we are worshipping together in the body. we are called to exhort one another with songs, hymns and spiritual songs and the theological treasure mines of many of the old hymns are the fit meat for such exhortations and encouragement and for making known the fame and glory of God in the face of Christ.
There are also many evangelicals in the "Truth" camp who make the gospel and deep things of Christ too heady and intellectual and distant and factual. We don't weep at the sufferings of Christ, or at the plight of the reprobate or the sin and slavery we see all around us, we do not leap for joy at the amazing grace of our calling and choosing, or that the end all of the gospel is that we are enabled to worship God forever, so that the deeply personal and passionate yearning for Christ portrayed in songs like "Draw me Close to You" is necessary. Both facets of worship are necessary and should be used together, not exclusive of the other but that we should become worshippers of the one true God - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit - in Spirit and in truth.

I am often blown away and am so thankful for the gift God has given some for writing of songs that portray the very things that I would say if I only knew how and that imbed the deep truths of scripture so deeply into our hearts.
What A God we serve.