Sunday, May 28, 2006

Anonymous Comments

Some of you may be wondering why your comment never appeared on Solus Christus? There have only been two reasons thus far:
  1. It doesn't relate to the discussion; and/or
  2. The comment is posted by "annonymous."
There are ways to post a comment without doing so anonymously and without people being able to track back to you. You are not expected to leave your full name, but something other than "anonymous" must appear for your comment to go public on SC. There have been some fabulous comments submitted to our posts, but we've opted to dismiss them for these reasons.
Here is a post by Justin Taylor that has influenced our thinking about this (You should read the comments on it as well. If he can leave his contact information, then can't we all?).
Here is a follow-up post to the first one that has also been helpful. (The link to Tim Challies article in this post is worth reading too).
Now, just for fun, we would like everyone who reads this post to leave a comment. Come on, you can do it.


Creek said...

パストル ヨルダン
those are japanese characters ( i say this because they may look like a bunch of boxes and odd things to you)

thought i would leave a comment you. as a tech geek i know how many time i have thought "does anyone read this thing?" and that is where the comments come in. i would encourage those that read this blog to comment often but keep it on topic as said by jt. about sending in anonymously: this is the last place anyone should not feel safe enough to leave a contact email address. i feel safe logging in as creek which links to my email address and contact info. there are a plethora ofpro contact reasons,but i will leave it open.

watashi wa anata tachi ai! -
I love you folks!
shukufuku - blessings

tandokude kirisuto - Christ alone

SH said...

I read this post. This is my comment.

Debbie Thomas said...

I always try to comment, but sometimes it won't let me. Maybe I just don't know how.

Debbie Thomas said...

I love solus-christus.

Heather said...

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the posts! I enjoy reading them! I'm praying for you all:)