Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Cup of Cold Water

Done in Jesus' name, even the smallest things yeild eternal fruit.

On March 2, I posted a link to Invisible Children. In classic fashion, my good friend Andy Scott, who is known for speaking slowly, just now submitted a comment on my post. Among our crew of college friends, Andy is affectionately known as "All-Day Andy" - because it takes him all day to say something.

Thankfully, Andy will have eternity to glory in Christ Who has wrought a nations-loving change in his heart, and will not be constrained by time. Here's the comment Andy submitted today to my March 2 Invisible Children post:
My middle schoolers and I are in the middle of a project called "The Walk a Mile Project" designed to raise awareness and support for the children highlighted in this movie. I've been blessed to have gotten to know Cheshewa Mauyna from Uganda this past year. He started a community-based effort in northern Uganda called "The Soy Foundation" (www.soyfoundation.typepad.com)to try and raise funds to provide educational opportunities for these "night commuters". Our effort is working in partnership with his foundation. So far we've raised over $300. It's a small drop in the ocean of relief, but it's been so cool to see a group of middle schoolers get excited about something bigger than themselves.
Andy is the head diving coach at Duke University, and a full-time middle school teacher in Durham, NC. He will be getting married to the woman of his dreams on June 16.

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