Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pray for God...he's learning to play T-Ball

No, He is not in any sort of predicament. That is, if you are thinking of the Sovereign of the universe and Author of the Bible. That's not the "God" I'm referring to.

God is a 5-6 year old little boy on my daughter's T-ball team. That's right, his name is God. His dad's name is Knowledge.

After introducing myself to several of the other parents on Taylor's team, I met Knowledge. Instantly, he was off and running, informing me that the black man is God, and that's how he decided on his son's name. A great conversation ensued and I was enabled to share a clear gospel presentation with Knowledge. We both discussed our eagerness to talk more at the upcoming practices and games.

Join me in praying that Knowledge, God, and the other family members will come to see that there is A GOD...and we're not Him. More, that The One True GOD will draw Knowledge to Himself and give him saving grace that, in turn, will flow to his family.

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Jordan said...

Another parent suggested that God bat cleanup.