Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Q & A for Bruce Ware

I've been asked to host Bruce Ware for dinner this Saturday evening. Dr. Ware will be in Minneapolis to preach at Bethlehem during Pastor John's sabbatical.

If you were me, what questions would you ask him? Don't be shy, I'd like to make the most of the time. Sometime after the dinner I plan to give a summary of things I ask and you'll get to see if your question(s) gets asked.

Happy querying!


Anthony R. Mathenia said...

Ask about the Kenosis heresy...
if you remember at the conference when he was the keynote...
he made a strikingly simple comment concerning the issue that seemed to sum it all up.
If you need more of a reminder just shoot me an email.

Clif said...

Does Ware hold to a "limited/unlimited" view of the atonement? This is a new view to me and i have not fully thought or studied it out. I guess the question is does Christ purchase common graces on the cross? If so, where is this seen in the text?