Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Whatever It Takes to Get the Message Across"

Watch this video

(Click the link, then on the new page, click "Watch a video of Kidz Church"). After watching, I'd be interested in your perspective?

(HT: Tim Challies)


iamchief said...

Not "wow" as in "WOW! That's so COOL!"
But "wow" as in "wow".

I was most amused by Deidra Williams' comment (small girl near the end of the clip):

"At other churches, you just sit there, just have to listen to them. Or you you just have to look at paper and read the Bible all the time."(emphasis mine)

I'll have to give this some further thought.
Quite a contrast to Piper's plea.

iamchief said...

I sent this link to some co-workers. One of them - who has no problem expressing his views and has the spiritual gift of sarcasm -had this to say. He hasn't read my first comment above, but notice who he quotes from the video:

I think I'm going to be sick.

My favorite quote from a kid in the video?

"...At other churches you have to just sit there, listen to them, look at paper and read the Bible all the time."

Yes sir...let's not get those kids to "be still and know that I am God", or seek the Wisdom of the Lord by actually having to listen and think. Most of all, God forbid that we expect them to look at paper, and READ? the BIBLE? Come on, "these kids are into video games!" (so says the director of that abominable program)

Hey, maybe this church could lead out and do "porn church" for men. After all, we're trying to get men excited about coming to church, right? We could do a series on Mary Magdalene's various exploits before she met Jesus.

Oh, HEY! Maybe we could do "romance novel women's Bible studies" for the ladies too?

The possibilities are endless!

iamchief said...

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