Monday, July 03, 2006

An Open Invitation To The Interest Meetings For Grace Church

Anyone in the Memphis area who is interested in finding out more about Grace Church should read this entire post. You may have a job to do at the end.

Grace Church Interest Meetings - September 10 - October 29, 2006

We are pleased to announce that Grace Church will begin hosting a series of eight Interest Meetings on Sunday evenings beginning September 10. The time and venue are still to be decided. As the Lord inclines your heart, we invite you to join us for these eight meetings.

The Goal of the Grace Church Interest Meetings:

The Interest Meetings are designed to unfold the vision, values, and distinctives of Grace Church. If you sense a potential interest in joining Grace Church, we invite you to participate in all eight interest meetings. Attendance at these meetings will not commit you to Grace Church. The intention is to provide you with an opportunity to be well informed as you seek the Lord regarding His desire for you to covenant with Grace Church.

Church membership is one of the most important decisions in life. Through the Interest Meetings we hope to provide you with a thorough overview of Grace Church as you pray about this highly significant decision. Most assuredly, some who attend the meetings will be convinced that Grace Church is not the place for them. That's wonderful! Read this sentence slowly: We do not want to encourage anyone to leave another church in order to join Grace Church. If the Lord is nourishing your soul and enlisting you in His service through your current church, then we happily admonish you to remain involved in that fellowship. Our heart's desire in planting Grace Church is to glorify God by treasuring Jesus Christ and spreading His eternal joy. One of the primary ways this will happen is by leading unbelievers to faith in Jesus Christ and seeing the Lord graft these people into the life of Grace Church.

What Will Be Discussed At The Interest Meetings?
  1. September 10 - Why Plant Grace Church?
  2. September 17 - Essentials of a Healthy Church
  3. September 24 - Grace Church Core Beliefs
  4. October 1 - The Centrality of Christ
  5. October 8 - Vision and Mission of Grace Church
  6. October 15 - Membership Matters
  7. October 22 - Open Discussion Forum & Prayer
  8. October 29 - The Church and God's Glory
What Do I Need To Do To Attend The Interest Meetings?

Our strong desire is to host the Interest Meetings at Jordan's house. However, that may soon prove to be an impractical venue because of the number of those intending to meet with us.

If you are planning to attend the Interest Meetings
would you please help us by responding to this post by clicking "comments" in the lower right hand corner--or by sending us an email. Please indicate your name and the names of everyone who will be attending with you using the following format:
  • Name (and names of those attending with you; spouse, children, etc.):
  • Home Address:
  • Contact #:
  • Email:
  • "Yes, I/we plan to attend the Interest Meetings for Grace Church beginning September 10."
Because of limited space we recommend arranging for childcare for those under five years old. Limited child care will be available during the meetings. You should verify with us if you will need childcare. Children five years old and up are invited to join the discussion.

Helpful Anonymity:

Your intentions to join us will not be posted on the blog for others to see. We will record your information for our planning purposes and contact you with all the necessary details in due time. We want you to come to the meetings because you sense the Lord leading you to attend, not because someone you know might be sensing the Lord's leadership. Proper introductions will be made at the meetings.

We eagerly await seeing the faces of those whom the Lord will lead to pray with us about covenant membership in Grace Church! It will be a day of great rejoicing when the Grace Church covenant community is finally realized. May God be greatly glorified as Jesus Christ builds Grace Church!

Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone Be the Glory)!
Jordan, Nathan, & Bryan

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