Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sports Post

Skip this one unless you have an interest in college football.

I'm an avid Arkansas Razorbacks football fan. We have one of the best backs in the country - and he's only a Sophomore. Whelp, guess who's probably out for the season because he broke his toe in a fight at a bar at 4:30 in the morning?

Here's how conversations are sounding all over the State:

Hog Fan A: I gots two werds fur'ya: Seeezun Ovur.
Hog Fan B: Whatcha meen? It don't start fur 'nother munth?
Hog Fan A:
Hog Fan B: Yup, urr'ight.
Hog Fan A & B (In unison): Whelp, mabee next yeer?


Jeremy Whitten said...

It doesn't matter anyways because this is Adrian Peterson's last year and he's on a mission to prove he's the best player in the country! Arkansas will be okay though, they have quality depth at that position.

Jeremy Whitten said...

Hey, I'd trade you Rhett Bonehead, I mean Rhett Bomar for Darren Mcfadden?

B Smith said...

We'll pass on that, Go Hogs!