Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Are You Learning From Your Church?

In all seriousness I asked Mark Dever if we could have Thabiti on our pastoral team in Memphis. Then, I followed up my inquiry with, "But he needs to be a senior pastor someplace." Lo and behold, he now is. As he prepares to shepherd a flock in Grand Cayman, here's his reflections on what he learned from his church in D.C.:
  1. Generosity.
  2. Patience is from God and is demonstrated within a covenant community in many ways we will never see (Because it happens for months behind closed doors).
  3. Knowing church history (Especially of your local church) is good for you.
  4. Singing HYMNS is not just a thing for blue-hairs, but for Asian, African, Latinas and Latinos, and African Americans. It is an experience for us all.
  5. Follow Truth wherever it leads you and stand on it (Even when, especially when, it would buttress you from denying the gospel through racial prejudice).

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