Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Godward Influencers - William Blaikie & Robert Law

Good books help us realize we are not nearly as intimately acquainted with the God we thought we were so intimately acquainted with - while loading us with God-pleasing zeal to know and love Him more.

Glimpses of the Inner Life of our Lord & The Emotions of Jesus, was one such book for me.

I'm quoting it several times tonight in my third of seven sermons on John 17 at Christ Community Church in New Albany. I thought some of you might want to benefit from the Christ-exalting work of these saints too.

I read this book on lunch break during my second year of seminary while sitting in Fazoli's as I drank sweet tea. I glad I remember more from Blaikie and Law than I do from some of the "world changing" exegetical papers I wrote.

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