Thursday, August 10, 2006

A State Of The Heart Facility

Bridges owns a state of the art facility. The arcitecture is modern, the ammenities appealing, and the location is excellent. No expense was spared with construction. It houses a restaurant, a rock-climbing wall, and numerous classrooms and youth offices, as well as a 140 car parking ramp on top of the facility - making it accessible to those who would be deterred by outrageous downtown parking fees.

We praise the Lord that Bridges will also be home to Grace Church! Largely due to Bridges generosity, and partially due to a meager rental fee, we will be able to use the facility each Sunday to worship our risen Christ! Two other rooms are included for nursery and children's purposes. No guys, the rock-climbing wall is not included.

We've looked at several facilities and used the following criteria for evaluating them:
  1. Meetability - Is the space large enough for GC to grow?
  2. Affordability - Can a new work afford the lease?
  3. Accessibility - Are directions easy from downtown, East Memphis, and AR (All directions from which Interest Meetings attendees will travel)?
  4. Flexibility - Is there an option for GC transition to AM services when appropriate?
Bridges more than surpasses each criteria. We thank the Lord for His provision, and for Bridges. We pray that we will be a blessing to them as they are being to us. "Coincidentially" the vision of Grace Church and the vision of Bridges share a high degree of compatibility. We are looking forward to partnering with them in impacting this young culture of Memphis with lasting change.

Bridges has a state of the art facility. May the Lord soon make it a state of the heart venue too!

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matthew said...

That's great to hear. Our church is still praying for GC.

Pastor M. Woodside