Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Excited About The Ordinary?

Typically, ordinary and exciting do not go together. We want to make a case for why that should change.

God has ordained for His ordinary means of grace have the greatest Christ-likening effect on His people. Means such as daily personal and family devotions, regular exposure to His preached Word, engaged involvement in a local church, and an active life of prayer are all examples of means God ordinarily uses to conform His people to the image of His Son.

Sure, almost every Christian can point to at least one decisive, extraordinary, post-conversion moment when God graciously and Godwardly altered the trajectory of his or her life. Those are precious times, and should be deeply valued. However, we must not live for the zap of God's lightening bolt of transformation, succumbing to the notion that we will not be made more holy apart from some cataclysmic - near-death - episode. No, you see, God ordinarily transforms His people through His extraordinary grace by the use of ordinary means. Are you excited about the ordinary?

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