Monday, September 18, 2006

Kuiper On Evangelism

* * *
Let no one suppose that God's sovereign decree concerns only ends, to the exlusion of means. It cannot be said too emphatically that God has foreordained all that comes to pass. All embraces means as well as ends. To illustrate, God not merely foreordained that a certain farmer would reap five thousand bushels of wheat in the summer of 1961; He foreordained that that farmer would harvest that amount of wheat as the result of much hard work. Likewise, God did not merely decree that a certain sinner would receive eternal life through faith in Christ and that he would obtain faith in Christ through the gospel. The sovereignty of God may not be construed so as to rule out the responsibility of man.

* * *

R.B. Kuiper, God-Centered Evangelism, 38-39

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Anonymous said...

"Ten Shekels and a Shirt"
This wonderful sermon by Paris Reidhead is what I think of when I read this qoute.
BBC Chapel (Good and God exalting times) Thanks Jordan!