Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nuggets of the sufficiency of Christ from a suffering saint

Some of you may be aware that it was nearly three weeks ago when my grandfather went home to be with the Lord. I called my grandmother yesterday to check on her and let her know I have been praying for her and feel it necessary to pass on a few excerpts of unprompted Christ-exalting nuggets she gave me.

'God has been gracious and good to me, how can I ask for more?'

'I've been trying to focus more on the blessings than the loss'

'I've been praying for God to have glory for what we went through...I mean, for how He took us through it'

'I will be okay because I have the Lord and family. I have concerns that lie ahead but I need not worry about them...He will take care of me'

For what it's worth, my grandmother has no idea I'm posting her comments. This is nothing more than Christ exuding from her life! May the Lord grant us grace when the trials come to hope in Him! Psalm 27:13-14

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