Friday, September 01, 2006

Quoted in CT

Last week an email from a friend brought my attention to the fact that I was quoted in the latest issue of Christianity Today. Since then a few more calls and emails have come from those who saw the quote. The article (Which should be online here sometime soon?) takes a look at the rise of Reformed Theology among the younger generations in American evangelicalism.

Overall, I have very little excitement about the rise of reformed soteriology among younger generations. I've known more than my fair share of self-centered, prideful, arrogant un-Christlike Calvinists (As could also be said of many that I've met who profess Christ but deny the foundational tenets of a reformed soteriological framework).

The main issue is whether or not we love Jesus Christ. Do you love Him? Love Him? Love Him? Jesus was not a Calvinist. Calvin, I believe, was a Jesusist. As is evidenced through his commentaries, not to mention The Institutes, he loved Jesus Christ with a God-given love that excelled all other loves. Again, do you love Him? Is He - Jesus Christ - your Supreme Treasure?

Calvin, insofar as I can discern, believed and articulated the biblical teaching of God's sovereign rule over all things - including the salvation of individual sinners (e.g., here and here). He was not willing to limit the scope of God's providential reign - because of what he read in Scripture - over all things both big and small.

Regarding the salvation of sinners, God is gracious to save any, and indeed will save some, and at what a cost! To be loved by God - at the expense of the life of His only Son - is truth that ignites an eternal devotion to Jesus in the affections of all who have tasted such a great salvation! (Posthumously, it was the followers of Calvin - not Calvin himself - that developed the acrostic TULIP as a way of summarizing his teachings on salvation. This was done particularly as a means of defending against the biblically erroneous soteriological framework that was being promoted by Jacobus Arminius).

Overall, I think Collin's Christianity Today article is a fair treatment of the growing trend and is written even-handedly. Mark well, At the end of the day it will not matter how many Calvinists there were. All that will matter is your paramount allegiance to King Jesus Christ or the lack thereof. If such allegiance exists in you, it will be evidenced by a Holy Spirit-enabled progressive conformity into the image of the Jesus you love so supremely. A progression that is impossible to divorce from biblical fidelity. Therefore, may biblical theology come to bear as heavily on our consciences as possible and may the result be an instantaneous and eternal treasuring of Jesus Christ!

May God be greatly glorified through the salvation of many sinners in Memphis, TN through the ministries of Grace Church! Pray with us to that end. Pray for us to treasure Jesus Christ above all else.

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