Friday, September 08, 2006

Unconventional Commercial for A New Church

They probably think I'm crazy? Maybe they're right? Earlier this week I had an opportunity to announce Grace Church to about 150 medical students at UT Memphis. With a 90 second shot, here's what I attempted to say (I think I got the heart of it across):

Perhaps you are already well aware that God Almighty brought you to Memphis for more than your professional training? Maybe His intention, for some of you, is to connect you to a new church in downtown called Grace Church. Maybe, just maybe, His purposes for connecting you to this new church are for your spiritual edification, equiping, your being challenged, encouraged, instructed, rebuked, nurtured, disciplined, and all of the other things that come with being attached to a New Testament church. But, maybe there's even more to it than that? Perhaps God wants you to be attached to this church during your years in Memphis in order for this new church to assist in mobilizing you to use your professional skills as a means of gaining access to places and peoples of the world who are closed to Christian missionaries in order for you to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelieving peoples so they too will give their praise to Jesus Christ Who alone is worthy (Yes, that's a run on sentence). We're starting an eight week series of Interest Meetings this Sunday at 5p - September 10 - at the Bridges center behind St. Jude to unfold our vision, values, and distinctives. We'd like for you to consider joining us for these meetings. If you are interested in a church like this, or have any questions about the church, Bryan and I would love to talk with you.
We had a few good conversations. We'll see if the Lord intends for any of these students to darken the door of GC in route to lighting the path for some of the unreached peoples of the world - like the most unreached; the Nadja Bedouin of Iraq?

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