Thursday, October 19, 2006

Downtown Gospel

Please list any and all downtown Memphis churches &/or ministries that you know are preaching the gospel. Contact information is appreciated if you have it. Thank you all.


Jeremy Whitten said...

Ken Bennett at STREETS ministries focuses primarily in the south area, Foote Homes housing projects. His website is

Also, Ken Lansing (who btw, doesn't own a T.V.) and a team of open-air street preachers have a website documenting their efforts on Beale street and during the Memphis in May festivities. I'm sure you've seen them on Beale street over the years holding up banners.I'm not familiar with all their theological positions other then they are "Baptist" in doctrine and they firmly hold to the "King James Only" stance. Although they have a "radical" ministry approach, you have to appreciate their efforts anytime the gospel is presented. His website is

JS said...

Jordan -

Check out J.I.F.F.

We are actuall bidding on the renovation of their downtown facility today.

I know very little about the ministry (other than what I've learned recently). Not sure what all of their theological positions are either? Someone else may know more.

Jordan said...

Thanks guys. I'm familiar with STREETS and JIFF, and have spoken on the phone with Rick Carr from JIFF. Good reminder. Thanks.