Sunday, October 29, 2006

Godly Men - A Great (Self-Imposed) Gift To My Life

For a few months now Mike Rusten has been willing to take an intentional discipling/mentoring role in my life (Thank you Mike!). On Thursday of last week, another friend and I had the joy of meeting Mike in MO for an afternoon of fellowship and discipleship.

I'd like to commend Mike's books to you, and highlight (below) a portion of today's chapter from The One Year Book of Christian History - a book that Mike co-authored with his wife, Sharon. This interesting book highlights a significant event in Christian history that happened on each day of the year.

From 1996-2001, I was indelibly marked by Clyde Cranford's discipling influence on my life, which thankfully, were also the first five years of my Christian pilgrimage.

Perhaps you are in a discipling relationship now? Maybe you want to be, but don't know where to start? Well, for what it's worth, I initiated both the relationship with Clyde and with Mike. Maybe you know someone well of the same gender as yourself who has walked with the Lord longer than you? Why don't you consider asking that person to disciple you? It never hurts to ask. But I can attest that it sure does help!

A summary from today's chapter in the OYBOCH:
Born October 29, 1837, Abraham "Bram" Kuyper was the son of a pastor, who, upon going to college became very liberal only to be grabbed by God, turned biblically conservative, and embrace a thoroughly God-centered worldview. After being used by God as a pastor, member of legislature, founder of the Free University of Amsterdam, and professor of systematic theology, in 1901 Kyper became the prime minister of the Netherlands!
The Rusten's ask, "How would you like to have a godly theologian lead your nation?"

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Jeremy Whitten said...

that's pretty neat!, I've been reading The OYBOCH for about 6 months now. I picked my copy up at "Independent Presbyterian's" bookstore. Its been a joy to read!