Monday, October 30, 2006

Memphis - Nation's 13th Most Dangerous City

Report here.

Even more reason for more New Testament churches to be established in our needy city! Even more reason for existing churches to rise up and own the burden to be used by God to redeem culture by having the whole gospel for the whole city. Even more reason to pray like never before for a supernatural nearness of God that results in a genuine people movement (described below).
People Movement* – a wave of group decisions, by people who share culture and kinship while retaining their identity and relationships.

Advantages of People Movements: p 336
a. enduring churches rooted in culture.
b. naturally indigenous in its own culture
c. spontaneous expansion is natural vs mission station approach
d. enormous possibilities of growth
e. sound pattern of becoming Christian … change in inner character by the power of God

* People Movement description taken from Perspectives Study Guide.

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Anonymous said...

I pray that God will give us a real and sincere thirst to be purposeful in fleshing out our walk as christians in Memphis,TN. I'm realizing more and more that the way I live my life is luke warm and tasteless. It is weak and selfish. It is comfortable and careless. My life is hard ,so many responsiblities, complications. I spend all my time keeping up with: "How life is supposed to be." God have mercy on me! I want my life not to make sense, not to add up as the world perceives.