Thursday, October 05, 2006

Share Away

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Since I've posted a few things since our "meeting," I wanted to make sure our groupies had an obvious place to share their thoughts today. Go here to chime in.


melissa said...

My heart was stirred most over this sentence:
"Paul was so much taken with Christ, that nothing sweeter than Jesus could drop from his lips and pen." pg 17

I wanted to continue to read further but the Holy Spirit would not let me get away from those words. How I want to be "taken" with Christ and the cross so much more than I am now.Thankfully the Lord assured me He plans to captivate my heart more and more.

I was reminded in a study with some highschool girls a couple months ago how boring the story of the cross is to many Christians. I heard the girls make comments like "I've just heard that story so many times", or "Yeah, I know Christ died for my sins but it's just not a big deal anymore". My heart broke when I heard their thoughts and when I thought about how I was guilty for not being awe struck at the thought of Christ on the cross everytime I heard or read about it.
Since then the Lord continues to remind me how humbling that thought is and He's used it to quicken my affections for Christ as I remind myself that that story must never leave me un-amazed.

I also loved this line; "Christ and his death is the choicest subject for the wisest ear." pg 18

Those who want to have their hunger satisfied, their thirst quenched and their minds and hearts elevated to the highest level will due well to wrap their thoughts around the life and death of "the man Christ Jesus".

I simply want to love Him more.

Debbie Thomas said...

The others in this group need to be writing books. The verses that come to my mind are John 3:30 - 31.
I know John 3:30 is one of Jordans favorites.