Monday, October 16, 2006


I'd like to read your thoughts on TV. Driscoll says watch more to be more in tune with lost culture we're called to reach. Piper hasn't seen an episode since Little House on the Prarie went off the air. Your take?

If you have one of these, I guess we already know your answer.


Jennifer said...

Hey Jordan! How delightful that I stumbled upon your little corner of the internet! :) This is Jennifer from B-Bap (and Jess' small group). It was great seeing you again at the DG conf. How's the familia?

Anyway, in response to this post, I personally would err on the side of submerging myself in the Word (and not media) - truth is "relevant" by it's definition. Certainly not in saying anything remotely against Driscoll or his personal view on relevancy as he is a dear brother in the Lord, but I tend more towards the staid view of the "right hand." When one knows, with fervent passion and right religious affections, the truths of the Gospel and the propositions of Christ, and then proceeds to relay those to the lost world with efficacy (by the grace of God), that is relevant.

Anyway, just a thought.

I'm going to have to add this blog to my links, for sure!

Gabe Schmidt said...

I don't think we need to repent if we don't have one, but I also don't think we need to repent if we do have one. We must be discerning!

JS said...

I too want to echo Jennifer's thoughts on Driscoll, mindful that he is a fellow bond-servant of Christ. I am also unwilling to go down that road in being relevant. I'm not sure we need to sharpen our relational skills with unbelievers by sittin' in front of the tube?

Lost is lost, sin is sin, and the Gospel is still the Gospel, amen?

1700's, 1800's, 1900's, 2006. It might be clothed in different garments, shoes, slang, haircuts, food and music, but deep down: lost is still lost. At it's heart and in it's fruit it looks the same from generation to generation. It's hard to listen to arguments about relevancy and think about Edwards, Whitfield or Piper, MacArthur and Charnock. What makes them and their impact of ministry so different? Being committed to the Word of God or figuring out how to approach the culture? It's about the Word, right? The sufficiency of Scripture(Psalm 19). The proclamation of God's Word. Obedience to God's Word (not just hearers but doers, amen?). Christ in us. A crucified band of followers. To me, that looks different than the world. Aren't we crucified to the world anyways?

That being said, I'd lean more to the less is best camp. And I find that as I grow in sanctification thru my glorious King Jesus I have less of a desire to spend my time in front of the TV. Our sensitivities become more heightened to sin and it's minion vessels. How many times as an adult am I reminded of something I watched as a kid? Just pops in my head. Too many to count. And when it gets in your noggin' how much harder is it to get out? So, why go there?

This made me think of Proverbs 4:23

"Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life."

Powerful. And God said it.

"With all diligence" seems to infer strongly to me that it's important (and necessary) to watch over my heart. There's too much on TV that wants to infect it.

Am I perfect? No. Do I own a TV? Yes. And I'm not saying there isn't benefit in understanding the culture, but I have to lean more towards Piper on this.

Sorry if this is not very coherent. The NyQuil is kicking in. Nighty-night.

Clif said...

tv might be one of those things that need to be redeemed in our culture. driscoll uses it in a redemptive way. piper's non use of it does not stifle his effectiveness. so is one right and the other wrong? i am not so sure it is black and white. there are certain show we should obviously stay away from, i.e. shows that make immorality funny, etc. But i don't think we have to have tv knowledge to engage the culture. if we are submerged in truth, then erroneous philosophies will be more easily detected and defeated. have i gotten off the fence yet?

Quo Vadis said...

Unfortunately, I can still look at my own sinful nature to understand much of our lost culture. (Praise God that one day He will miraculously remove every part of my sinfulness!) I believe that we are to understand and engage in our culture, but I believe that Scripture and God's Spirit empower us to impact our world.

What if every hour we Christains spent watching TV was spent praying for revival in our own lives personally and our churches? We have to think from the mentality that we are only here on earth for a moment. What will we do with that time? How can we spend our time to be most effective for the cause of Christ? We cannot rely on our own reasoning for the answers to these questions but humbly rely upon God's wisdom to lead us.

By the way, I have not had T.V. for about a year and half now, and I don't think that my impact on my non-Christian friends has diminished any from this lack of engagement in my culture.

Jordan said...

give me a call or send me an email. hope all is well in Phoenix!