Sunday, October 22, 2006

White Horse Inn

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Launched in 1990, The White Horse Inn (named after the pub in Cambridge, England, where the Reformation came to the English-speaking world), is a nationally syndicated radio broadcast featuring regular round-table discussions on faith, culture and apologetics. Hosted by Michael Horton, Ken Jones, Kim Riddlebarger, and Rod Rosenbladt, the White Horse Inn aims each week to equip Christians to "know what they believe and why they believe it."
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Upcoming topics on the program include:

October 29, 2006
A Christian View of Government
How should Christians relate to the State? From a Christian perspective, what is the proper and legitimate function of government? Join the hosts this week as they discuss Romans 13 in the continuing series through the Book of Romans!

November 5, 2006
The Weaker Brother
In this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts discuss the relationship between liberty and license as they interact with Paul's admonition to be mindful of our weaker brothers in Christ.

November 12, 2006
The God of Promise
Why does God make an apparent switch from working with the Jewish nation throughout the Old Testament, to working with Gentiles in the New Testament? Tune in to this edition of the White Horse Inn as the hosts discuss Romans 15, where Paul reminds us that the inclusion of the Gentiles was always part of God’s messianic promise.

November 19, 2006
Smooth Talk & Flattery
In Romans 16, Paul warns that by the use of "smooth talk and flattery" some false teachers will "deceive the minds of naive people." In this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts evaluate some ways in which the contemporary church is being affected by this "smooth-talker syndrome" as they begin to conclude the Romans Revolution.

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