Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Charnock Group Meeting

I'm in St. Louis, so I'll have to miss this "meeting." Yes, I'm headed to the weekly rack. Comment away, I look forward to reading your thoughts!

I'm staying with my bro-in-law, so maybe I can convince him to show up? Hey Todd!


JS said...

"He is called the Lamb of God in regard of God’s designation of him; our lamb, our Passover, in regard of his substitution in our place. As he died to appease the wrath of God, his death referred to the justice of God; as that justice flamed out against us, his death referred to us. He was a screen between the heat of wrath and the sufferings of the creature; a Mediator respecting God, for his satisfaction and glory; respecting us, for our reparation and grace." (pgs 90-91)

Let these words by J.C. Philpot sink in:

“To see, by the eye of faith, as revealed to the soul by the power of God--the darling Son of God bound, scourged, buffeted, spit upon, mocked--and then, as the climax of cruel scorn and infernal cruelty, crucified between two thieves--this believing sight of the sufferings of Christ, will melt the hardest heart into contrition and repentance.

But when we see, by the eye of faith, that this was the smallest part of His sufferings--that there were depths of soul trouble and of intolerable distress and agony from the hand of God as a consuming fire, as the inflexible justice and righteous indignation against sin, and that our blessed Lord had to endure the wrath of God until He was poured out like water, and His soft, tender heart in the flames of indignation became like wax, and melted within Him--then we can in some measure conceive what He undertook in becoming a sin offering. For as all the sins of His people were put upon Him--the wrath of God due to them fell upon Him!

No less real, and far more severe, were the agonies of His soul--for the wrath of God in the Redeemer's heart was as real as the nails that pierced His hands
and feet!”

Though they try, passion plays and movies alike can never portray the real suffering of our Lord. The agonies of His soul will never be found in play or film.

Indeed, far more severe! We must remember that the wrath of God was poured out. God’s wrath was not withdrawn or canceled – it was absorbed by Christ.

Yes, come let us adore Him. Let us give Him the praise due His name!

tuck said...

“He had also an alliance with both parties: he could treat with God as partaking of his glory, and be a sacrifice for man as partaking of the infirmities of his [man’s] nature.” p.82

“If he had not been man, he could not have been a sacrifice; and if he had not been God, he could not have been a remedy.” p.83

How awesome is the sacrifice of Christ!!!! He had to be both God and man to atone for sin. His sacrifice was out of obedience to the Father and done to bring glory to His name. He was the only sacrifice that could appease God’s wrath for sin. Therefore, He was able to “partake” in the glory of God. He was also the remedy for sin, since an infinite sacrifice was needed to please an infinite God. (p.79)

Being a man or having a human nature was a sacrifice because it meant He was under the law (p.84-85). Thus the perfect life He lived on earth as a man fulfilled the law. The perfect life He lived and the sacrifice He made not only pleased God, which is reason enough, but also by the grace of God allowed us (sinners) to be made right before God.

What a GREAT Savior and Lord we serve!!!