Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christian Theism

Grame Goldsworthy writes:
Christian theism thus understands atheistic and theistic humanism in biblical terms. All forms of humanism are expressions of the sinful nature of mankind's refusal to acknowledge the truth of God. They are futile substitutes for the truth.

If the sinfulness of man makes him unable consciously to recognize the truth, what hope is there? The Bible tells us that the deadness of man's heart and his hatred of God are overcome by the goodness of God. He gives a new and special revelation of himself, and he subdues our rebellious wills by His Spirit so that we understand and receive his revelation. The Holy Spirit convinces us that God's Word is the truth. Thus, the converted or believing sinner is being restored in his or her mind to receive the truth of God. Our restoration is not complete until we are transformed through our resurrection on the last day. During this life there is tension between the new life within us and the old life of rebellion against God. We never succeed in being totally consistent in our thinking and doing with what God reveals in his Word. But we are enabled to know things truly for what they are, facts interpreted by God.
According To Plan, 43.

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