Saturday, November 04, 2006

Spiritual-Mindedness And Evangelism

How to be spiritually-minded #17:

Realize that millions of people in the other religions of the world are not looking for people with more American cultural coolness or techno savvy. They are looking for a “holy man,” a “man of God.”

The question will not be, "Is he quick-witted and fast-talking and clever?" The question will be: "Does he pray a lot? Does he know his holy Book, much of it by heart? Is he self-denying and focused on God? Is he powerful in his weakness?"
This quote is from John Piper's latest Fresh Words article.

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Anonymous said...

Pastor John shared these words at the Missions in the Main hall event - the capstone of Missions week at Bethlehem. It was a sweet reminder to fight to keep our minds set on things above, especially in our approach to misisons and the world.