Thursday, December 21, 2006

3:30 PM & Other Important Stuff

Grace Announcements:

1. Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
  • Christmas Eve
    • Prayer = 3:30p
    • Worship = 4-5p
  • New Year's Eve
    • Prayer = 4:30p
    • Worship = 5p
  • January 7
    • Prayer = 9a
    • Worship = 10a
2. Membership Introduction Form
  • The first stage in pursuing membership in Grace is to give our leaders a spiritual introduction of yourself by completing the Membership Introduction Form.
  • Please remember to select a time for your in-home membership interview. The sign up sheet is on the resource tables in the back of the meeting room.
3. Host GraceKids Nursery Training
  • We are looking for at least two venues to conduct this training. The sign-up sheet is on the back tables.
4. Host a Grace Group
  • Lord willing it will not be too long before our first cycle of Grace Groups begin. You can volunteer your home on one of the sign-up sheets on the back table.
5. Lottie Moon
  • Remember to pray for God's global purposes to glorify His name, and give generously.
6. End of year contributions
  • For purposes of contribution credit, all monetary gifts must be received through the offering this Sunday, or in the mail (PO Box 1801, Memphis, 38101) no later than noon on December 28 (Thurs).
Nate, Bryan, GCer's, any other announcements I left out???

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