Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Surely I have spoken, surely I will bring it to pass" - The Lord God

Christianity is not a blind faith. Christians are not weak-minded pitiable souls who cannot make it through life without a religious crutch.

Literally hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, God began promising that He would send His only Son to be the Messiah. The manger is not "cute." Don't look at a manger scene and think to yourself, "Oh, that's so nice." The birth of Christ was not nice, He is necessary. For without the incarnation, there would be no possibility for your salvation. Hope in Christ! Celebrate Christ! Treasure Christ!

Virgin conception

Seed of a woman

Seed of Abraham

Seed of Isaac and Jacob

Of the tribe of Judah

Son of David

Born in Bethlehem

God became flesh

Infant in Egypt

Massacre of children

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