Sunday, January 28, 2007

God's Global Glory and the Joy of the Nations

Thanks Bryan for the excellent sermon today! God carried you my brother!

** We are hoping all of the sermon audio will be available at Grace's website in the next few weeks.

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dy said...

I want to say a word of encouragement to those who felt a tug on your heartstrings during Bryan’s sermon. Don’t wait – please don’t wait. Over the last 20 years, I have tried to apply as a missionary 6 times – twice as a home missionary and 4 times as a foreign missionary. They would not even give me an application. I was a woman, single, no college, and too old. Don’t wait – please don’t wait.

Salvation calls you to missions, but it does not prepare you for missions. In a joking manner, Nathan said we were going outside to pray in the cold – but no one wanted to do it but me. If you can not do a small thing, how do you hope to accomplish a big thing? Read Jer. 12:5. Have you ever prayed outside? The cross was not a warm and fuzzy place- but even there, Jesus prayed for us (outside). And we, as His children can not experience a little cold to glorify the Lord of the universe?? I pray outside every Sunday and there is something about it that brings you closer to God. There is a blessing on the other side of that door. Try it. I dare you! Give up just a little bit of comfort for His glory and He will bless you (the blessing that Bryan preached about). Listen to our three pastors and follow their lead. They are preparing you for great things in the Lord's service!

The previous week during prayer time, Nathan read the scripture about Jesus being the vine and us the branches. While no one prayed it out loud, the first thing that came to mind was the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). While Bryan was preaching, I had a vision of my life as an old dresser - battered, stained, delapidated, leaning to one side, headed for the garbage dump. But Jesus came and rescued me, removed my sin stain with His blood; re-enforced my soul so that it stood straight and no longer leaned toward sin; and then put new knobs on the drawers. But the drawers (areas of my life) were still empty until the Holy Spirit began to fill them with the fruit of the spirit. You can not do missions if the dresser drawers are empty. When the drawers are overflowing with Him, you will do missions out of abundance instead of duty. Let Him fill you - and GO!