Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Worship Preparation - February 4

Whichever body of Christ you worship corporately with this weekend, resolve by God's grace to do so with a prepared heart. But believer, unless providentially hindered, do worship Christ corporately.

For those who are planning to worship
with Grace, these are only suggestions to aid you as you prepare your soul. Note: be freed from all legalism. If you can't read the sermon, for example, praise the Lord! If you can, praise the Lord!

Suggested Helps:
  1. Meditate (pray) through 2 Corinthians 4-5
  2. Pray for me :)
  3. Pray for all who will gather
  4. Try make find time to read prayerfully through John Flavel's sermon, Christ The Desire of All Nations.
  5. Pray for God to make you a full-time missionary everywhere you are
  6. Pray for God to provide opportunities for you to engage intentionally in going and/or sending the gospel to those who have never heard.
Excerpt from Flavel's sermon:
“...So here, the “desire of all nations,” is Christ, the object of the desires of God’s elect in all nations of the world. He is a Saviour infinitely desirable in himself, and actually desired by all the people of God, dispersed among all races, tongues, and nations of the world. Therefore note,

Doctrine: That the desires of God’s elect in all kingdoms, and among all people of the earth, are, and shall be drawn out after and fixed upon, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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