Friday, February 02, 2007

Beyond The Ultimate

It is encouraging to see men of great influence who appear to have Christ in them. I was particularly encouraged by Tony's video given at a breakfast after his son's death.

On a related note, I agree with Lloyd-Jones who warned against "defending the position."

In a series on revival, Lloyd-Jones said, "We are prone to defend the position." Meaning, when a person is in a position of influence and claims to be a Christian we are prone to assume that person is the model Christian simply because he might occasionally drop Jesus' name in conversation (Such as the God-belittling artists of our day who give the Lord lip credence after winning an award for their God-less music).

To state the obvious, simply because an NFL player might occasionally bend to his knee and point to heaven after scoring a touchdown, or an NBA star dons a WWJD bracelet, or a MLB player attaches a cross to his necklace does not necessarily indicate the presence of Christ in his life. The rapper is who must "first and foremost give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ" after winning an award for promoting Godlessness with his music is no Christian at all.

As for Tony and Lovie, I look forward to standing somewhere near them during the 200,000,000,000th chorus of Revelation 4:8, 11 in the heavenly sea of the redeemed. May Christ, for eternity, continue to be their greatest Treasure!

(HT: Matthew Bailey)

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