Friday, February 16, 2007

Worship preparation for Sun. Feb. 18th

1. Immerse yourself in John 10:1-30
2. Read this passage with your family, friends, to yourself, roommates, etc.
3. Pray for your pastor as He seeks the Lord in preparation to preach
4. Pray for your own soul and that of your family and all those attending GC that God would help us to glory in Christ.
5. Arrive @ 9am ready to corporately and prayerfully seek the Lord.
6. Read through each of these descriptions of Christ as found in John 10 thanking God for Christ.

1. Christ is the door for His sheep (v7, 9)

2. Christ has come to give life to His sheep (v10)

3. Christ is the good shepherd (v11, 14)

4. Christ lays down His life for His sheep (v 11, 15)

5. Christ knows His sheep and is concerned for His sheep (v12-14)

6. Christ has other sheep that are not of this fold (v16)

7. Christ has authority to lay down His life and to take it up again (v17-18)

8. What Christ does, He does in His Father’s Name (v25)

9. Christ’s sheep hear His voice (v26-27)

10. Christ knows His sheep (v27)

11. Christ’s sheep follow Him (v27)

12. Christ gives His sheep eternal life (v28)

13. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit keep His sheep (v28-29)

14. Christ and the Father are One (v30)

We look forward with eagerness to enjoying Christ corporately with you!

Bryan, Jordan, and Nathan

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Jordan said...

Thanks Nate for this WP. I've printed it out for Tracy and I to walk through before Sunday.