Thursday, March 01, 2007

GG#2 Group(s) Interaction

This past week we focused primarily on God's attributes. We looked at 25 attributes of God, as described in His Word.

This post is designed for groups to interact with other groups. So, post away with scripture, and application of scripture pertaining to what God is saying about Himself that is (currently) making deep impacts on your view of Him.

It thrills me to know that this week there were 5; little, insignificant groups gathering across the mid-south to talk about and worship a gloriously infinite God!

Father, may it be Your good pleasure to give us much grace in pursuing You!

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nathan said...

One of the helpful things at our GG's was when, as a group we listed off several attributes of God and then attempted to give references where each of these attributes can be found. Each of the groups I was at easily rattled several, biblical attributes of God, but then had difficulty recalling scripture that reflected these attributes. If we are to be people who love God and say we love His Word, then we MUST be, with His help, people who are treasuring His Word in our heart. We stand on shaky ground if our foundation of God is based primarily on tradition ('it's just what I've always believed) or what our pastor ('He's a man of God and His job is to study the Bible') or family ('this is what my family has taught me') has said about God. Each of these things can be true (and thank the Lord if they are), but our foundation of God must be deeply rooted in God's Word.