Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Madness: Bryan, Nathan, Jordan, or... ???

Anyone who knows Bryan, Nathan, and I knows also that we are avid sports fans. And every sports fan knows that March Madness is the greatest sporting event in the world. So, as you've probably done also, we've filled out our brackets and await "One Shining Moment." As always, each pastor is convinced he'll win this year's bracket challenge.

We would be curious to see which one of the three of us you all think will, four...of us? (Tracy's in too, and in typical fashion has picked based on uniform color...and historically almost always wins!?) So, who will it be this year?

FYI: Here's an ESPN article related to the NCAA tourney. The article features downtown Memphis' Rendezvous restaurant.

Our family has a little fun with the NCAA tourney as well. This year, Taylor has Davidson in the Final Four. In the event they make it that far, you heard it here...


Todd said...

Taylor will walk away with the title.
If I had to make a second choice, it would be Nathan. I know that Jordan and Bryan have limited basketball knowledge and something tells me that Tracy will be out of contention by noon tomorrow ;)

Jeremy Whitten said...

I can't go with the Arkansas Homers and I'm not sure where Nathan's loyalties rest. But as a "March Madness" veteran and multi-year bracket winner(I guess that makes me a bracketologist); My final four picks are Memphis, Georgetown, UCLA, and Maryland. UCLA will cut the nets down after a close low scoring battle over GEORGETOWN. GO TIGERS!!

JS said...

I'm goin with Bryan on this one. I've got to show that dude some "I've got your back" love, with the hopes that I'll get to be an assistant coach someday in that fantasy baseball league.

Hook a bro up Bryan! I'll even drive you to Jackson for the draft. I promise I'll just sit in the corner and be quiet.

Jay Buhner

dy said...

Come on, guys. Give Tracy a break. She knows what’s up. Even the worst caveman among you has a favorite outfit. Clothes do make the man. Don’t believe me? Pick any team you want. No matter how good they are, could you route for them if they were wearing PINK?!! A woman’s team wearing turquoise could beat them!

I don’t know that much about basketball but I’m with Tracy. You go, girl!!!

Ron Franks said...

Even though i am not a true Grace Churcher (but I am at heart) i have one question. Why does Nathan have the New York Yankees winning the NCAA Basketball tourney!!!??? And the Hogs at the Rendezvous have a better chance than the Razorbacks. So in closing I guess I'm pulling for anyone from Boston!!! May the LORD continue to use you guys (despite your skewed view of sports)to glorify Himself!