Monday, March 26, 2007

PTI, A Worthy Ministry To Support

Lord willing from May 23-June 6 Nathan and I will be in Ethiopia teaching theology to a team of God-called, church-identified, elder-qualified, church-planting Ethiopian pastors who are hungry for biblical training. Oh yeah, and these pastors are exclusively planting churches among unreached Ethiopians.

During our trip, I'm scheduled to teach two courses each day; Doctrine of Church, and Doctrine of Sin. Nathan will be teaching the Doctrine of Christ (he beat me to the sign-up schedule).

From April 16-26 (While Grace's Vision Team is in Nigeria), our friends Kurt and Scott from OH will be teaching the same group of men (Doctrine of God, History of Christianity, Christian Ethics). As of now, enough funding for 2 of the 72 pastors has come in. They are praying for the financial provision for the other 70 men to come in THIS WEEK. But that's no big deal. Actually it is not much more than skipping a few Big-Macs.

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