Thursday, March 22, 2007

Worship Preparation

A suggested way to prepare your soul for Sunday's sermon (and service) would be praying through 1 Timothy 3.
  • Ask God for a revival of biblical leaders in our day.
  • Pray for the 1 Timothy 3 qualities to abound in your pastors
  • Ask God to gift Grace with biblically qualified elders and deacons.

1 comment:

dy said...

Just a follow up question to your sermon on Sunday. You stated that (and I am paraphrasing), while divorce would not necessarily bibically disqualify someone as deacon, a prudent man would forgo the office for the good of the church. My question would be: to what degree would divorce be an adverse factor in his service to the church? Could this man be a mentor/discipler, teach a class, serve on a committee? I think you follow my drift. Just where is the line drawn on this - for both men and women?