Friday, April 27, 2007

Worship Prep, Lunch Fellowship, & Nigeria Pictures

This Sunday at Grace, we will begin worshiping through Galatians. As you have opportunity to prepare your heart to corporately seek the Lord, the following suggestions might be profitable for you:
  1. Read Galatians in one sitting -- noting the major divisions of the book (ch. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6).
  2. Pray through the first ten verses (which will be Sunday's sermon text).
  3. Pray for those who will attend the service, including yourself.
  4. Invite someone to attend Grace with you.
This Sunday also marks our monthly Grace Lunch Fellowship. During the lunch, the Nigeria Vision Team is looking forward to sharing the following things with you:
  1. The Impact the Nigerian Christians Had On My Life - Paul Nave
  2. Christian Education--A Strategic Ministry For the Glory of God in Nigeria - Kelly Rodgers
  3. No Retreat: The Leaders God is Using in North Central Nigeria - Chris Morris
  4. Christian Persecution in Nigeria: Active and Passive - Pat Nave
  5. Church-Planting in Nigeria: Where Does Grace Go From Here? - Jordan Thomas
In an attempt to "take you there," we will also share a short video during lunch of our experience in Nigeria in the hope that all of Grace Church will be involved in the visionary process with us.

Rev. Anthony (President, Evangelical Christians of West Africa)

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