Monday, May 21, 2007

Favorite Piper Messages: And Favorite All Time Audio Sermon

Probably because they had such a shaping influence on my soul so shortly after my conversion to Christ, I consider this message, and this message from J. Piper to be my personal favorite Piper sermons (delivered at Passion '97, Austin, TX).

This sermon, from Paris Reidhead, is still my favorite audio sermon of all time.

* All deserve multiple prayerful listenings.

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Jeremy Whitten said...

Thanks Jordan for introducing me to Paris Reidhead and for "making" us listen to this powerful sermon in the old bbc chapel one Wednesday evening. I've had to listen to it multiple times to gain a better appreciation of its core message---> The True Gospel, to be preached, proclaimed, shared, and lived out for God's Glory and not just for the benefit of man. I'm still not sure if I quite understand Bro. Reidhead's suggestion that our witnessing motives are sometimes influenced by "humanism" rather than for the Glory of God. If I simply have compassion for a lost family member, neighbor, or homeless stranger, does that mean my concern is fed by my "humanism" or I'm I truly concerned for the "Glory of God". I'm just being honest and I have to admit, I can't always discern my motives in performing Christian services? Somewhere along the line, I feel that human compassion(which can give Glory to God)can be a motivator for sharing the Gospel, but I have to agree with Bro. Reidhead, that the ultimate purpose in evangelizing the heathen should be out of obedience to a gracious God who "deserves the reward for His sufferings"