Thursday, May 03, 2007

Galatians: Review & Preview


Last week, Grace began a series of worship through Galatians.

In 1:1-10 we saw two sections:
  • 1:1-5
    1. The credibility of the author
      • Paul, called by Triune God, not by man
    2. The nature of the audience
      • Churches of the Living God
    3. The God of our salvation
      • Jesus, Who gave Himself
        • For our sins
        • To deliver us out of this present evil age
        • According to the will of our God and Father
      • Father, Who raised Jesus
        • To Whom be glory forevermore. Amen!
  • 1:6-10
    1. Astonishment
      • That Galatians were abandoning God
      • That Galatians were turning to "another" gospel
    2. Anathema
      • On all who preach another gospel
    3. Evidence
      • Of a God-pleasing bond-servant of Christ verses a man-pleaser


This week, Lord willing, we will worship through 1:11-24, by focusing on:
  1. Christ to us
  2. Christ in us
  3. Christ through us


This Sunday is "First Week." Bring a friend...or two!

Come with a heart ready to worship King Jesus.

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