Monday, June 18, 2007

The Latest @ Grace

The last few months have been eventful in the life of Grace to say the least! Joy has abounded as we've watched new members come into our covenant family, mission trips begin, end, and begin again. Our Summer of Spreading Christ is now officially underway. New God-centered relationships are emerging daily within our fellowship. The Lord is at work for His glory!

Below are few of things that are on the horizon, and a couple of others that we need to be remembering in prayer:

Summer of Spreading Christ: The new dates for each of the summer outreach events, and assignments for various roles, will be given out at this Sunday's lunch fellowship (June 24). Come with an empty belly to be filled by good food, and willing heart to be used by the Lord!

Foundations of Grace: Friday evening, Saturday morning, July 13-14. If you've been attending Grace from our very beginning, or have just joined us recently, Foundations is for you...especially if you are considering covenant membership. Foundations unfolds the vision, values, and distinctives of Grace. Or, put simply, it is a short seminar led by our pastors that explains our church's foundation. This seminar is a great opportunity for you to get to know what makes Grace tick, and provides you with a free environment to ask questions about the church.

Enjoying Jesus in the Book of Revelation: Friday evening, Saturday morning, July 20-21. Mike Rusten (click, then scroll down to read about Mike), an elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, will be leading an in-depth seminar walking us through the book of Revelation. Having done his PhD work in Revelation, and having led numerous seminars through Revelation, Mike is well-equipped to lead this seminar, and has an inviting leadership style that draws his listeners in. Registration is now open (Cost approx. $15/family for the listening guide notebook. See the resource table at GC to sign up).

SE Asia & Bangladesh: Be intentional about remembering Aaron and Kevin in prayer over the next several weeks as they seek to spread lasting joy in Jesus in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh.

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