Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Cup? The Handle? The What?

After today's pastor's meeting, I realized that I began an illustration on Sunday that I never finished. How's that for helpful preaching!?!

Toward the beginning of Sunday's sermon, I intended to emphasize that we would not be thinking of novel ideas in the morning sermon, but maybe, the Lord would be pleased to use our thinking on Paul's use of (1) Law & Gospel; (2) Baptism; and (3) God's adopting love for us as His sons, to "hand the coffee mug to us with the handle facing toward us." I think I said something kind of like that. The coffee cup picture was intended to convey the idea to some of who were already familiar with the sermon's concepts, that, "Oh, I knew that already, but now it is an easier concept to grasp," or something like that.

Instead, (ha!), I was made aware today by my brothers that I didn't communicate anything of the sort...or really anything at all...except maybe a confusing moment for anyone trying to follow what I was saying.

Are there bonus points for unhelpful sermon illustrations? If so, I'm set!

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