Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Enjoying Jesus In the Book of Revelation--Open to All

The Enjoying Jesus in the Book of Revelation seminar sponsored by Grace, and led by Bethlehem elder Mike Rusten, will be offered Friday evening & Saturday morning July 20-21.

We are pleased to announce that this seminar will be open not only to Grace Church, but also to everyone who is interested. Other church leaders have inquired if groups are welcome...and the answer is YES! So, if you (or a group from your church) have an interest in this excellent seminar, you may register using the following three simple steps. After registering online, you will receive an email with the details concerning the seminar.

1. Click here (scroll down to the email contact form)

2. Title your comment: "Revelation Seminar," then provide the first and last name(s) of everyone who will be attending the seminar with you
3. Provide the total # of workbooks you (or your group) desire(s).
4. Bring to the seminar with you $15 for each workbook ordered (couples are welcome to share a book if they desire. Mike suggested that each person or couple have their own book in order to maximize the study).


Childcare will be provided at no cost (names and ages of children are required at the time of your registration).

Early Registration Note:

Walk-ups are welcome (details will be posted here on SC later), but those registering later than Monday, July 9 might not receive a seminar notebook.

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