Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jesus, I have a few questions

A snippet I thought I'd share from my (not so daily) journal:
Jesus, I have a few questions:

Why have You been pleased to drop a potentially long-term relationship with Nigeria in Grace's lap? Why Ethiopia? Why now? Why before our "launch?" Why us? Why not when we are more "ready?" Why did You send Vijay Sastry to visit Grace last Sunday and lay another (happy) burden on Grace to care about the joy of India (and the 10-40 window) being found in Jesus? How are we to respond to each of these things?

And, what about those neighborhood kids showing up each Sunday night for the BYBC's? Who's praying for them...by name? Anyone? Will they ever be grafted into the life of Grace? What about their parents? Will the gospel transform (former) Hurt Village (now) Uptown, and downtown, and beyond in such a way that lost people tremble? You know, I mean tremble with what Edwards saw in the Northeast in the 1730's and 40's when he described Your Spirit's reviving work as a "deep and penetrating conviction of sin."

Will the vision for a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic church be realized in the membership of Grace? Beyond that will the walls of racial division, marginalization, paternalism, monocultural pride, and ethnic bigotry be trumped by the gospel (noticeably, even by unregenerate people) in Memphis, TN in our lifetime? If not, why not? Will we live to see the day when biblical churches are easy to find in every corner of America?

How is Grace to avoid "retreat-ism," and "creature-comfort" but instead, keep pushing forward and "hastening the day of the Lord?" Will we be the church that preaches against a the prosperity gospel but lives like we are in favor of it? What will the sting of persecution feel like at its worst? How will the You be pleased to manifest Your grace in such a way that You get all of the glory from our involvement in all that You have called us to be for (1) You, (2) each other, (3) our city, and (4) our world?

What will Grace's first daughter church look like? Where will she be located? What will her 43rd daughter church look like? Will our generation live to see it? Who will be the first covenant member of Grace to go home?
Psalm 27:14

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