Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prayer For Today & Tomorrow

I will appreciate your prayers this evening (Sat) and tomorrow morning as I will be preaching at Grace's mother church.

Nate, praying for you, and all of GC tomorrow morning as ya'll worship through Deuteronomy 6.

GC, praying for you all and the Uptown community as you seek to impact the neighborhood with the gospel at BYBC #2.


nathan said...

You beat me to it man. I was just getting on here to leave a post to pray for you tonight and tomorrow. May you and those attending BBC worship the Lord through the Word.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all you brought this weekend to BBC. it was a joy to see you again and to hear what God is clearly doing in your soul - both for your (obvious & contagious) joy AND for the great benefit of Memphis for His fame and great glory!

We are happy to pray for Grace and look forward to future updates.

Tague and Lisa Harding