Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stump The Mike

ESPN has "Stump the Schwab," Grace has Stump the Mike. Mike Rusten, that is.

Since our Q&A sessions at the Revelation seminar would still be going today if we didn't cut them off at some point, I've asked Mike Rusten if we could do one final Q&A session here on SC. Gladly, he agreed. So, here's your chance (even if you didn't attend) to ask any question you want to ask related (obviously or less obviously) to the book of Revelation.

Just ask your question in the comment section at the bottom of this post. My hope is that we'll have quite a few questions, then I'll try to consolidate them into a list of 10 that most represent our submissions. After that, I'll send them to Mike, and post his responses here for all to see.

Question cutoff deadline = Saturday at noon.

I'll begin the query in the comments section below (Click "interaction" to see all the questions).


Jordan said...

Mike, based on your first session Friday evening, you suggested that the argument for Christ's immanent return is unfounded due to the fact that there are pre-return prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled. If Jesus comes back before you finish reading this question, what are the prophecies that would not yet have been fulfilled?

ArM said...

If the major problem with the 'amil' view is the completion of the Genesis 1:28 promise, why can't the new heavens and new earth 'age' fulfill what God guarantees in Genesis?
Also, what are the clear and major distinctions that you see between the millenium as you understand it and what will be after that millenium?

dy said...

At the seminar, you stated that the Rapture and 2nd coming were two events that would happen simultaneously. In my reading of Revelation, it seems there are many things that happen between these two events.

If the Rapture and 2nd coming happen simultaneously:

1.How can we return with Him if He has not raptured us yet?

2.Doesn’t that mean that Christ will return for His church riding a white horse with a sword coming from His mouth (sign of judgment)?

3.The Judgment Seat of Christ will happen after the 2nd coming and adjacent to/simultaneous with the White Throne judgment.

I have many more questions (too numerous to name here) along these lines but you get my drift. Please clarify your view that these two events happen at exactly the same time. How do you account for the things that happen between these two events?